About Us

About Us

Welcome to Dhanagar Micro Care Foundation

Dhanagar Micro Care Foundation, a division of providing Loan to the urban and rural people. Our products include Primary and Special loans. We are having more than two decades of experience in the sector of micro finance and currently operating in Uttar Pradesh. Everything that the company has achieved, is on the path of achieving and all that it will achieve will all be because of the wide spread and loyal customer base it holds.

  • Save Money
  • Fast Application
  • Flexible Loan
  • No Brokers, No Upselling
  • Investment Planning
  • Professional Advisor
How We Work

Apply Loan With Few Simple Steps !

Loaded with fast-paced worship, activities, and video teachings to address real issues that students face each day

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Insurance Charges


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Our Features

We Are A Trusted Company With Years Of Experience

We provide loans to individual as well as group members in the under developed regions of India for a range of income-generating activities.

Income Generating Loan

The Company offers loans for income-generating activities such as livestock, agriculture, trading and production businesses

Individual Lending

Under individual lending, loan officers bear principle responsibility for loan decisions; they screen, and monitor their clients

Utility Loans

From Open Energy Information. Loan programs provide financing for the purchase of renewable energy or energy efficiency systems or equipment.