Commercial Vehicle Loan

Commercial Vehicle Loan

Want to buy the commercial vehicle? Apply today and get the instant approval for the commercial vehicle loan with in 24 to 48 hours without any issues.

Dhanagar Micro Care Foundation on all types of Commercial Vehicles (new and used) of all major manufacturers. To meet your aspirations, we have specialized branches dedicated for providing commercial vehicles and equipment loans. We have also opened Transport Nagars for servicing diverse profiles like truckers, milkman, shopkeeper etc. Our competitive interest rates are based on factors such as customer profile and location.

Commercial Vehicle Loan - Features & Benefits

  • Maximum tenure of 60 months (based on asset category)
  • Fast processing
  • Greater flexibility
  • Competitive rates
  • Customised financing
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We Are A Trusted Company With Years Of Experience

We provide loans to individual as well as group members in the under developed regions of India for a range of income-generating activities.

Income Generating Loan

The Company offers loans for income-generating activities such as livestock, agriculture, trading and production businesses

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Under individual lending, loan officers bear principle responsibility for loan decisions; they screen, and monitor their clients

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